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About ARkaki

Founded in 2020 Partnering with Wiiboox the focus on education, food, scientific research, and manufacturing, Wiiboox has been always committed to being a global leading supplier for 3D printing integrated solutions.

We Solve Real Problems

what can we Provide?

Wiiboox Two FDM 3D Printer

High Precision Not dragging

WiibooxSweetin 3D Food Printer

Delicate Food 3D Printer

Reeyee X5 3D Scanner

High Accuracy, High Speed

Reeyee 5M 3D Scanner

Blue Light Scanning Technology

3DSL450 SLA 3D Printer

High Precision, High-resolution Output

Wiiboox Three

Blockbuster listing, proud of the cloud!

Latte Art Coffee Printer

Barista Cake Desserts Decoration Maker

Light LCD 215 3D Printer​

Light 215 uses leading light-curable 3D printing technology

DIY 3D Printers

3D Printers are the DIY (Do it yourself) 3D Printer kits.

Flusn 3D Printer

Can meet designers and other professionals

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