Latte Art Coffee Printer


Coffee Printer to Make You a Professional Latte Artist. There are 66 preset classic coffee decoration patterns for your choice. What’s most important is that you can use your own photo in your phone. You can print any of your photo on the drinks top to get a cup of personalized drink.

Multi-function Printer for Not Only Coffee. It can also print on beer, cookies, yogurt, cakes, macarons and other drinks and desserts.

High Printing Efficiency. 10-20 seconds to finish a cup. Perfect for home and business use.

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  1. Machine Size:530*530*670mm; Print size:300x300x300mm
  2. Printing accuracy: 0.05mm-0.5mm
  3. Print platform: replaceable sub-Gree platform, support for magnetic deduction
  4. Safety performance: with two three-layer mesh particle filter module
  5. Automatic shutdown: support for automatic shutdown
  6. Additional features: Top four-color LED lights, support renewal printing, wire towline protection system


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