Automobile Manufacturing

The advantage of 3D printing is that compared with traditional manufacturing, it can generate any shape of parts directly from computer data, avoiding the consumption of manpower and material brought by the development of complex structural parts, and shortening the development cycle.

Industrial Manufacturing

Modern industry is becoming more and more informatization, digitization and automation. With its professional industrial grade 3D printers and rich operation experience, Wiiboox can meet the various manufacturing needs of modern industry.

Medical Care

Medical care industry is currently one of the most rapid expanding fields of 3D printing technology. The typical applications are 3D surgical planning model, surgical guide plate, 3D printing implants, as well as artificial limbs, hearing aids and other rehabilitation devices.

Cultural & Creative Industry

At present, 3D printing technology has been initially applied to industrial design, film and television animation, tourism and cultural product design, digital publishing, etc., promoting the creative design and expression to become more diversified, popular and liberalized.

Home Furnishings

No need of traditional machine tools or molds, 3D printing technology can directly generate any shape of 3d graphics into physical products and effectively shorten the product development cycle, which is very suitable for R & D of home furnishings.

Creative Jewelry

The traditional jewelry manufacturing process is very complicated, tedious and time-wasting. In contrast to traditional handicrafting, 3D printing is much simpler and faster regardless of the strange shapes and wild designs.

Service Procedure

Send STL model file to customer manager

Choose printing material & Confirm printing requirements

Get quotation & time limit from customer manager

Sign a scanning service contract

Start the printing project

Customer acceptance after quality checking


With professional printing equipment, Wiiboox provides you with 3D printing services and high-quality 3D data to escort your path to creation.

Plastic MaterialPriceMetal Material PriceSpecial Material PriceColor PrintingPrice
Normal Resin 1.33sr/gram Stainless Steel 3.80sr/gram Nylon 3.80sr/gram Gypsum 4.90sr/gram
High Tough Resin 1.90sr/gram Titanium Alloy 24.10sr/gramCarbon Fiber 15.0sr/gram Color Resin 4.90sr/gram
Transparent Resin 2.45sr/gram Aluminium Alloy 6.00sr/gram TPU 7.60sr/gram