Wiiboox Three, a 3D printer in mobile phone

Wiiboox Cloud has strong data management and analysis ability. You don’t have to stay by the 3d printer any longer. You can have a cup of coffee or do something more important. Wiiboox Cloud will transfer the printed data to you in time. You can understand the current timely situation and make adjustments. You can also know the recent printing situation to summarize and analyze. Surprise? Is it like being installed on a mobile phone?

MCU is more powerful and professional

The MCU of Wiiboox Three brings the performance and data processing ability of 3D printer to a new level. It integrates cortex-M4 core with floating-point unit, and can realize Flash zero wait state through ART accelerator. And driven by the Chrom-Art graphics accelerator, its content creation speed is twice as fast as that of a single core, which helps you achieve your creative dream. Let’s go

Large and precise, the elephant in the 3D printer

In such a large building space of 280*290*300 mm, the positioning error at any place cannot exceed 0.01 mm, so as to ensure high-precision printing, which is a very difficult task for most printers. But Wiiboox Three has made it! With a series of upgrades to systems, rails, platforms, etc., the Wiiboox Three has achieved a balance between large printing size and high printing precision. It is a trustworthy and smart elephant.

Z-axis lifting unit, double the effort only for excellence

The higher level of precision of the Wiiboox Three is due to the re-optimization of its structure. We upgraded the original z-axis lifting unit from a single cantilever scheme with one ball screw and linear bearing to a double cantilever scheme with two T-shaped screws and four linear guide sliders. In order to improve the accuracy by 15%, we have paid 300% more cost, but we think it is very valuable!

Leveling system, more seamless and convenient

Click “Auto Level”on the control screen or mobile phone, and the nozzle will move on the platform lightly. If moving accurately to each point, it will display green background light as a reminder. The whole process is smooth and seamless, and the whole spending time is less than 60 seconds.

PM2.5 real time monitoring, safe and visible

For the safety of users, we are as persistent as ever. Therefore, we add PM2.5 monitoring module on the basis of the original air filter system to remind users of the change of micro dust in the printing environment. When the filter element can no longer protect your health, Wiiboox Three will remind you to replace the filter element in time. If you have installed the Wiiboox cloud, this warm prompt will be delivered in a more timely manner.

Wiiboox Cloud, create anytime, anywhere

Our users says :”The world is so big, I will take Wiiboox to wander. “ So, we built the Wiiboox Cloud Platform to meet their creative enthusiasm anytime and anywhere. Even if you are far away in New York, you can manage the Wiiboox Three in Beijing. How cool is it! There is also a function to make you scream. The 3D scanner of Reeyee Pro Series shares the Wiiboox Cloud with Wiiboox Three. That is to say, the model scanned by your friends in Tokyo can also be used by you who is in New York, and can be printed out by the Wiiboox Three in Beijing!

Cluster management, multitask array

If you have more than one Wiiboox Three, you can manage it uniformly on the Wiiboox Cloud Platform, and you can also issue multitask array instructions to each one. Whether it is teaching, design, or small-scale production, with the Wiiboox Three, all operations are full of efficiency.